Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revit Stucture 2012 - New Features

So the details are out, Revit 2012 is on its way...

As usual from the last few years, expect to download your install file from Autodesk sometime early April (2nd week is the guess at the moment) with media copies sent out on request a month or so afterwards

So what are the Revit Structure 2012 new/top features??

So in reality, for structural users we have some enhancements to the Analytical model & to Rebar tools

But IMO the enhancements to the platform in general are highlights for structural users

Some highlights for me:

Lock 3D views & 3D tagging
A new button down on the the view control bar, there will be a button to lock the current 3D view orientation. This will then activate annotation in the 3D view. The view can be unlocked, but annotation will then disappear in the view

Reinforcement Enhancements
Multi-Planar Reinforcement
Reinforcement can be hosted to Generic Models & Structural Connections

Analytical model Enhancements
Much more control over the analytical model, including the ability to easily turn off the analytical model for selected elements. And better built in checking of the model prior to exporting

Assemblies will allow you to take selections of elements which you can then tag & schedule as one assembly There are also built in tools to quickly document assembly components.

Create Parts/Divide Model 
This could be a great new feature, we will be able to divide singular elements into unique parts while still retaining its relationship to the main element. Think multilayered walls where you simply need to divide one layer of the wall

Void family enhancements
Families with voids can now cut multiple instances, even of different categories!

Point Clouds
Can now be linked into a project as an overlay in the background

Manage Links Dialog
Finally, Revit Links can be before CAD links!

Dimension setting Enhancements

Visual Enhancements
Some neat new features like ghosting when selecting objects in 3D view

More details as they arrive!

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