Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards Released

After a mammoth effort beginning way back at the 2009 Revit Technology Conference in Melbourne 2 years ago, an official document of standards and guidelines for Revit Content has been released to the public

For full details jump onto the website, where you can also download the document by submitting your details,  which will then be kept for future updates of the document to be sent out

This document release is the first stage of the process of creating a usable & transparent ANZ standard for content creation

The document contains a few key sections, which at this stage focus mainly on content creation

  • An overview of content requirements outlining the use of content
  • Content compliance (minimum requirements to meet ANZRS standards
  • Advanced Features and Best Practices (additional optional requirements)
  • Recommended shared parameters (including downloadable files)
 It will certainly be interesting to see how the industry reacts to this document, particularly with the growing movement towards collaboration projects with multiple consultants/parties

The next stage is more input from the industry to really refine the guidelines through project use in the industry, so get onto the website and get hold of the document

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