Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cant add cloud to an Issued Revision

I have lost count long ago the number of times I have been asked about this error dialog

The error is a bug really, and was present up until the 2011 release. It is essentially Revit not automatically ticking over to the next available Revision when the previous Revisions have been checked as "Issued"

Revisions Dialog
Once the last created revision cloud has been "Issued" you would typically create a new revision, if you then go to create your revision cloud on a sheet you would receive the error. This led a number of people to just not using the issued check box. But anyone who has used revisions on projects with a long and complicated revision history would know that it can become complicated very quickly and hard to keep track of what has been issued and what is currently in progress

To avoid the error the following steps should be followed;

1.  Add your new revision in the revisions dialog under the view panel

2.  Goto any sheet you wish to place a revision and start the cloud

3.  While still in the Revision command goto the Revision Cloud properties
Revision Cloud Properties

 4.  Set the desired revision

5. Go back to the revisions dialog under the view panel and issue the previous revisions

And keep in mind if this process hasnt been used on the project, you may have to go back and uncheck all the previous revision to make the new revision current

 Setting the revision in the cloud sketch mode (steps 3 & 4) is the key step, it does not seem to set the default revision otherwise and will not work if you simply change the revision after finishing the step as the next time you start the cloud it will just use the last cloud set within the cloud sketch mode

The bug is all fixed in 2011, and even if you issue all revisions checked as issued you now get a straightforward and obvious error warning

2011 Revision Warning
Now my only wish is that we could start clouds without already assigning a revision which would be great for highlighting areas and having a sheet ready for issue before we know when it will be issued

Happy Reviting

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