Monday, September 20, 2010

Phasing for Structure - Hidden Lines

Early on with my Revit learning I discovered phasing, initially with topographys & site pads which then proved to open another entire host of learning and questions, and then I quickly found the power of phasing for modeling and representing existing structure

A great number of structural people I talk to know little about phasing, and this leads me to believe not many structural people are taking advantage of the feature.

With RTC 2011 abstract submissions coming up I am seriously thinking about submitting a talk on Phasing for Revit Structure

But in the mean time here is a tip which should help a few structural people

Straight out of the box, Revit's phasing setup is not all that helpful and descriptive with a confusing amount of information presented at first in the phasing settings

One of the problems you will run into with phasing for structural elements is the representation of hidden lines for existing structure when displaying the existing elements with graphic overrides with phasing

To get around this the you need to change the Graphic override for existing projection lines circled in red in the image below

Phasing settings dialog under mange panel

By default the setting will override your linetypes for all existing lines to "Solid" meaning  no hidden lines will show for structure under

You will need to change the linetype to" No Override"

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