Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird Revit - Projection lines non-bearing walls

So I get a curveball late last week that has me thinking, and turns out to be one of those weird Revit things.

Concrete GA plan, with plenty of hidden lines for slab folds and beams etc. So we are set to Structural discipline. But this particular job has a lot of structural walls which are to be concrete, and then a lot of facade brickwork walls.

Our clever Revit worker, puts the non-structural walls onto a structural usage of non-bearing. And models away, but after a few days he models some more walls and they don't show up in the same plan.

After some quick investigation I am stumped, why are some walls showing and not others. They have almost identical properties, and they are in the view range. If I change the plan view properties to Co-Ordination they show up but then I loose my beam and slab hidden lines.

So I look into the view range again, the walls showing up happen to be in that dead zone between the bottom primary range, and the view depth.

Defiantly one to keep in mind!

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