Thursday, December 2, 2010

AUGI........where have you gone?

So I have been trying to get onto AUGI since Wednesday and it finally opens up the forums this afternoon and all is now clear.

AUGI as we know it is currently off the web. And all previous threads a gone, temporarily or not that is one scary thought!

Not just for Revit users, but for all users. Particularly AutoCAD. There was years of information stored in those forums. And when a problem occured with any Autodesk product, I would generally go to AUGI before I go to Autodesk support

This thread speculates what has happened, but it appears to be a problem with the old ISP

Hopefully they can retrieve and reinstate all the old threads

Either way my vast collection bookmarked threads will be useless I am guessing!


  1. Its all part of a new system being put in place. Hopefuly normal or better services will be back soon.

  2. The new layout will take some getting used to, especially since there is no central Revit directory now, its all lumped in under AEC
    But the rumors of problems with the previous ISP are a real worry. It would be a real same to loose any of the previous threads

  3. I'm Lobbying for a reinstatement of the original Revit Forum Structure, I had assumed that they would have least followed the same structure.