Thursday, September 9, 2010

3D in 3D!

I received an interesting package today from my software reseller, a set of 3D glasses reminiscent of the 80's. Cardboard frame, one red one blue lense

Ever since the huge success of Avatar earlier in the year, 3D has been a huge marketing point for everything from movies to sport broadcasts

Earlier in the year we were asked to submit some project images for a client showreel our reseller puts together, these things tend to take some time to develop to a point you are happy with so I submitted one project along with the original model to the reseller

They ended up creating a interesting little showreel of flythroughs which are actually in 3D when viewed with the supplied glasses

Screenshot of our Project Submission
Interesting concept and I definatly got some strange looks in the office while wearing the glasses watching a 3D showreel in 3D!

Checkout the website here for more details

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