Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not so secret NEWS - New Job

So things have been a little quiet on the Blog front of late, the last few weeks have passed in a quick blur..

I have as of last week started in a new position with a Global Engineering and Management Firm as a Revit/BIM Leader within a growing Building Structures team. I will still be based in Melbourne, Australia, but will now have a bigger foundation of colleagues and peers throughout Australia and Internationally to build upon moving into this next chapter of BIM & Revit in the industry

The move was a career choice to position myself with a group where I can see the greatest opportunities and challenges with BIM in the near future.

My industry vision for the next few years is that the next wave of Revit will turn to BIM as a focus in the industry, we are now seeing the first signs of Contractors & Stakeholders taking serious steps to implement BIM into their projects and consultants are now seeing BIM as a genuine project workflow to adopt.

I look forward to the challenges involved in building and supporting a team that can offer a true BIM service to the next generation of projects

More blogging soon...

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