Friday, January 28, 2011

Missing Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

A strange bug with Revit 2011 appeared this week, it was a deja-vu moment, from the 2010 release. Activating the keyboard shortcuts from either the ribbon panel or the options dialog wouldn't bring up the dialog window

The only way to get it going again is to hit ESC and all is back to normal, but no shortcuts..

Thinking about the fix for 2010, it was something to do with a corrupt Revit system file being the UIstate.dat file

After playing around with it for a while with no success, it is obvious that it is actually a Windows OS bug

The dialog was coming up, but the workstation had dual screens, and the dialog must have been in the lost space somewhere inbetween the two screens

This particular user also had his Revit window on the Non Primary screen by deafult. So I disconnected the secondary screen, and forced the current screen to be Primary, this pushed the Keyboard Extensions window back onto the single screen. Once I connected the 2nd screen again, the dialog came up fine

I think it is linked to having Revit on the Non-Primary screen, but with plenty of users working this way without a problem I am not sure what triggers the issue

Certainly one to note

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