Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AUBench - Workstation Benchmarking

Going back a few years now there was quite a following on AUGI with the technically minded Revit users sharing a benchmarking journal file, I dont know the exact origins, but I believe Phil Read first presented it at AU2007 which was when it first appeared on AUGI <Original AUGI Link>

The way it works, is you can essentially take any Revit Journal file, which is a log of each command in a Revit session, which you can then add markers and timing points which will write to a text file once complete. You can then use the identical test file on different machine builds to compare the results of time taken for each task

Over the years I have used the principals from the original AUGI AUbench files and created my own structural specific benchmark tests with my own custom Journal files. It was a huge help in creating our current spec of machines, testing actual tasks on each spec machine and seeing results was a great thing for the IT management to have in front of them when speccing the machines.

Recently over at, the AUbench has taken a new life, with a new standard benchmark file, with a new neat addition of a script file which will run the test multiple times and then create a results file showing the average times from the test.

Check out the thread here

Unfortunately, For RST users, the standard benchmark journal will crash at the change curtain panel type point of the journal file, you can remove this section and it all works fine. But your times are only comparable for the first sections of the Journal file compared to the Architecture results

A copy of the modified RST version of the benchmark file can be found in this <Post>

You also need to ensure that PressDrag is enabled in your Revit.ini file, there are plenty of blog posts about setting this if you are unsure

It might just be the help you need to convince the boss of an upgraded machine

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