Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Orient to View - Weird Revit

Another year is well underway and we had our first REVIC (Revit Users Group of Victoria) meeting for the year on Tuesday night

The first topic of the year was on Visual Presentation, starting right at the nuts and bolts of view properties, Object Syles, VG overrides etc, through to workflows for Isometrics etc.

One thing that popped up again, was the amazement that people are not aware of the "Orient to View" tool in a 3D view

Whenever I am modeling in a project I am constantly using this tool to get a cropped 3D view of the area I am working on, instead of clumsily orbiting around a model that fills multiple sheets

Something that I have grown to accept though is that we only have the view options shown in the image below

Which is plans, elevations, sections & other 3D views, but no detail views...

Dont forget there is a difference between "Sections" & "Details"

 But at last nights REVIC meeting, a wise voice from the back of the crowd slipped in a secret that I certainly had not come across, when the "Steering Wheel" option was added Autodesk decided to change the way "Orient to View" works, and accessing it that way actually gives you a full list of views in the project, including detail views! See the image below

Unfortunately, it doesn't break down the list into sub-groups, which on larger projects leaves you thousands of views to sort through! But handy if you need a cropped view of a detail

Thanks for that one Chris!

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