Monday, February 14, 2011

Reset 3D viewpoint after orbit

Following on from my post about orient to view and using the steering/navigation wheel interface to gain access to more options, there is another neat feature only available through the navigation wheel

If you have ever created a snapshot 3D view that you want to place in your documentation, you have probably accidentally orbited in the view which would mess up the viewpoint you are after, but also affect any text you have placed in the view

3D view setup for documentation

Result after accidental orbit

A simple undo will not work unless you happened to change something else in the view at the same time, the simple orbit isnt recongnised by Revit otherwise

But you can reset the viewpoint through the steering wheel

Steering wheel undo option
You can also assign a hotkey to this command in your keyboard shortcuts, it is currently unassigned by default

As someone who doesn't use the navigation wheel, I would love to see this option added to the view cube

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